Dim Sum Brunch at Shanghai Club, Shangri-La Hotel Doha

I have always been a fan of dim sums.  When I was still living in the Philippines, it was very easy to find a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic dim sums in different varieties, whenever I want one. But here in Qatar, it is a bit tough, though there are restaurants here serving this that can at least satisfy your cravings.

One of these restaurants is Shanghai Club, located at the Shangri-La Hotel Doha. Every Friday, they offer Dim Sum Brunch priced at QAR 238 per person and an additional QAR 112 if you opt for unlimited drinks

Reservation is a must. I would suggest you to request for a window side table once you made your reservation to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and Doha’s Skyline, as the restaurant is situated at the hotel’s 43rd floor.

This was the table that we were eyeing, but it was already reserved to other guests.

Once you get seated, a staff will hand you over the menu and will explain to you the set up of the brunch.

The Menu

The food will be served straight to your table based on their order on the menu. If there’s a particular dish that you would like to have once again, you can ask for more from your server. You can also mention to them if you want some specifications on your food, like the level of spiciness or some ingredients that you are allergic to.

I won’t keep you waiting, let’s now talk about the food.

Small Plates or Appetizer

First came the small plates or should I say the appetizer. They served Shanghai Club duck bao sliders and Chef Pu’s crispy chicken. Both were tasty and good. I actually ordered another round of the bao sliders; love how the crisp of the bao compliments well with the savory taste of the duck.

Shanghai Club duck bao sliders and Chef Pu’s crispy chicken with dry chili.


We didn’t opt for the unlimited drinks as we thought that it won’t be worth it, since I can’t currently take alcohol. Apart from water, we got this refreshing drink (I forgot the name), which perfectly went well with the food.

Steamed Dim Sums

Next came my most awaited dishes, the steamed dim sums served in small wooden steamers. I am actually excited for the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) because I have been craving for this for so long.

(Clockwise): Corn fed chicken and mushroom Sui Mai, The classic Har Gow, Pink crystal vegetable dumplings, Free range chicken and truffle xiao long bao, and Crab and tobiko xiao long bao.

The taste did not disappoint me, although these were not the best steamed dim sums that I had.

Szichuan Wontons

Then they served these two szichuan wontons with chili and anise dressing. Didn’t like it much since both were mostly wonton wrappers.

Prawn & chive Wontons and Spinach & corn wontons.

Pan fried, Fried and Baked Dim Sums

After the steamed dishes, they eventually served the pan fried, fried and baked dim sums. Love the look of the dim sum hand bags, but it actually taste more like a biscuit to me. What stood out for me on this variety was the Pan fried dumplings with wagyu and foie gras.

Shanghai Club duck hand bags, Shanghai Club wild mushrooms and asparagus hand bags, Shangri-La Honey baked parcels of red ginger and chicken, Chili eggplant spring rolls and Pan fried dumplings with wagyu and foie gras.

Main Course, Noodles and Rice

Before serving the main course, the server asked us if we want to take a break first. Since our tummies can still accommodate food, we just told them to go ahead and bring everything to our table. They served rice, noodles, two main courses and a vegetable dish. According to the menu, the vegetable dish should have been kai-lan with soy sauce, but this was not available that time so they replaced it with broccoli instead.

Egg fried rice, Stir-fried egg noodles with chicken and spring vegetable, Steamed broccoli, Mapo tofu with shitake mushrooms and Kung Pao chicken with sichuan pepper, cashew nuts & chili sauce. 


After indulging on all the dishes, we were ready for the desserts. They served two and I specifically love the chilled mango sago cream with pomelo. The sour and sweet taste of this dessert kinda balanced out the savory flavor of all the food that we had. I ordered for another one and after finishing it, I wanted to have some more but Tep told me to stop (I am currently pregnant and trying to limit my sugar intake).

Warm sticky dumplings stuffed with sweet black sesame paste in osmanthus soup and Chilled mango sago cream with pomelo


We had a wonderful time dining at the Shanghai Club. We enjoyed devouring most of the food that were served to us. All the service staff, despite being busy serving the dishes, were friendly and very accommodating. A shout out to our main server named Htoo.

The interiors of the restaurant is modern and stylish.  I love the natural light that comes from the full length glass windows of the restaurant.

As for the cost, I think that it is a bit pricey at QAR 238, but if you are really craving for some authentic Chinese cuisine, then I must say that you have to give this a try. You can also check if this brunch is included on Entertainer Qatar to take advantage of the 50% off. When we dined, this was part of their monthly offers.   

Would I return here? Yes, because I would like to try the other dishes on their menu.

Have you tried Shanghai Club’s Dim Sum Brunch? How was your experience? Let me know on the comment section below.

Price: QAR 238 per person and QAR 112 for unlimited drinks.
Available every Friday from 12:30 to 4:00 pm
For reservations, you may call them at +974 44295295 or visit their website on this link.

Here are some more photos taken during our brunch.

One of the private rooms that you can reserve in advance.

The Bar. 

The view of Doha’s Skyline.

The view of Hotel Park where the Qatar International Food Festival 2018 was held.

Shanghai Club - Shangri-La Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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