A Fusion of Eastern and Western Cuisines | Teatro, City Centre Rotana Doha

Last week, I attended a bridal shower of a friend held at Teatro Restaurant in City Center Rotana Doha. Whenever I visit  a restaurant located inside a hotel, I always make it a point to check their menus and read some reviews, so I will know what to expect once I am there. But I made this an exception, because I was just invited to this event. Continue reading “A Fusion of Eastern and Western Cuisines | Teatro, City Centre Rotana Doha”

Chopsticks Restaurant | Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel Doha

It was another Thursday night, when Tep and I were looking for some place to eat after attending a mass. I was craving for some salmon sashimi that time, so I checked my Entertainer Qatar App to look for some Asian restaurants. Since it was a Thursday night, we thought that most people will be out dining, so I’ve called the places before going, to check if they can still accommodate us. Continue reading “Chopsticks Restaurant | Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel Doha”

My First Afternoon Tea | Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha

This was my first time to go inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha. Actually, I got lost finding my way to the entrance, but that’s a different story. When I arrived, I immediately went to the Lobby Lounge to meet my friend since we will be having an afternoon tea. This was also my first time (another first) to try an afternoon tea, so I really don’t know what to expect.  Continue reading “My First Afternoon Tea | Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha”

That Distinct Bento Box | Spice Market, W Hotel Doha

It was the last Wednesday of 2016, when my friend invited me to meet her over lunch at the Spice Market in W Hotel Doha. We’ve been planning to do this catch up like months ago, but usually ended up being cancelled due to our busy schedules. Reservation is usually a must if you are going to dine in some restaurants here, but we didn’t make any since the time that we chose is not that busy. I arrived a little earlier than her, so after giving my name and the number of guest to the receptionist, I was escorted right away to the table where we will be seated. This was my second time dining at this resto, the first was during a Friday Brunch, which I totally enjoyed. Continue reading “That Distinct Bento Box | Spice Market, W Hotel Doha”

What to buy at Korea’s Lotte Mart?

When I first learned from my friend that we will spend our last day in Seoul at  Lotte Mart, I got so excited (due to the fact that Korean goodies are just so yummy and irresistible) and worried (because I have limited luggage allowance, yay!). Continue reading “What to buy at Korea’s Lotte Mart?”