3 Tips to Help You Travel More

3 Tips to Help You Travel More

Travelling, as we all know from experience, is addictive. You get the taste of it, and suddenly it’s all you can think about. You have the most exhilarating adventure, but sooner or later it’s over. You go back to work and sit at your desk, dreaming of travelling again. All of us with the travel bug feel this way, and we all want to experience more, to explore more places, more often. In fact, an astonishing £6.4 trillion is spent in the travel and tourism sector each year! To make sure you don’t miss out, here are three of the best tips to help you travel more.


Be financially savvy

One of the most obvious barriers to travelling often is money – because, unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest hobby. However, there are ways to be economical so that you will spend less on trips, while also having more money for when you’re actually at your destination. There are two methods that are best for achieving this: shopping around for the best deals and making your lifestyle more minimalistic.

As to the first option, looking around can really make your travel budget go further. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking with companies or websites that you are more familiar with, but this means you often end up missing out on better deals elsewhere. The more money you save on arranging the trip, the more places you can visit – so shop around.

The same is true with living a more economic lifestyle generally. Instead of the expense of owning and running a car, use public transport instead. Try to eat out less (so you can eat out more abroad) and cut down on frivolous expenses. Making small, minimalist lifestyle changes is not much of a sacrifice, and it is one of the best ways to allow you to fund more travel.


Take more long weekends

The other main issue that limits the amount we can travel is the time taken off work. One way around this is to take more weekend trips. This way, by taking short-haul flights to places closer to home, you can explore more cities without using up many of those precious leave days. You also get to visit places that you always wanted to, but never quite got around to.


Get a travel-friendly job

If you are burning through those leave days too quickly, why not consider getting a job that allows you to travel. There are a huge amount of roles out there that require you to travel internationally. Getting paid to travel sounds too good to be true, but it’s the reality of many jobs. There are also roles where you can work remotely – writer, freelancer, and many others – so that your job does not have to interfere with the lifestyle you want to live.



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